Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2 0 0 9 and counting...

I got it all on tape...

I will entertain those dat needs to be entertained...period!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snake. Fake.Two face.

Well, the title says it all. In malay, they say 'TALAM DUA MUKA"..

I am one person that is so hard to put up a fake face or front.. I hate people dat do.
So called family, has done it and i hate it.. They still are.

Go to church but have that kind of mentality.. For me, whats the point? Claim to love you but stabs u whenever u have yr back turned..

I aint worried to lose those family members, coz i rather not have any..

If they sell pistols here in malaysia, i'd buy and use it on them.. SERIOUS! I"m hell headed anyway so fuck it..

And the line ' MERAPATKAN SILATUL RAHIM" is BULLSHIT in my situation! Why would i want my wife to get close to some idiot whose is trying to advise her about life?? Mind your own bizness... Oh by the way, salam perempuan di dalam surau salah tau tak!!! U are no one to say or even comment..

Feel free to comment if you are putting food on the table for my family!!! But u AINT!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A fucking joke...


Its been a week that i have been married.. I'm happy. But unfortunately some fools just cant mind their own bizness!

Calling my wife to give so called advise n shit, preaching religion n acting like the parent! And he's only the uncle, n not even by blood.. Shit..

First he sindir me n my family at the mosque minutes b4 my nikah n then now he does dis.. Wow.. He sure got balls to do dat..

My father in law doesnt even do dis..

My absence is due to work... If u got so much to complain, put food on the table 4 me, my wife n my family....

Dont ungkit dat u took care of my wife when she was a kid... U did it secara ikhlas, and cara islam bukan sebegini..

Did u people ever think dat bcoz of u guys, our marriage would be in jeopardy?

Dont preach about islam... U salam my mum in the mosque!!!! itu dah salah kalau u betul2 nak ikut!

U have a degree or diploma means ZERO if commonsense pun tak ada!!

Cara islam....mmmm, kalau nak ikut cara islam SAYA SUAMI! So, what ever i say GOES!

haha... U have made a fool out of yrself!

So silly and so stupid...

My wife has the freedom to decide, bcoz i want it to be dat way..

She deserves the rights to think and choose...

I would never stop her from seeing her DAD...

U dont know me, and u dont need to!

I dont have to meet any of you bcoz u are not important!!!!!

Her dad gave me his blessings and dat is more than enuff...

*if u cant handle my words, dont read my blog!!!*

Thursday, December 4, 2008


My job, my wedding, my recordings and moving house! Its CRAZY! To all my newly acquinted in laws, so sorry but my wife n me aint got time to visit.. My life is too messed up. I got more important stuff to worry about... Thanx 4 the understanding..

At the studio again...

A week b4 my nikah, i was busy in the studio working on a new song.. It went well, ira fitted in very well. Akmal was missed but will be back for the next track.. The song we recorded gathered many good reviews n bad one's too. But being in the music industry we have to accept wat ever.. Adam is handling our recording sessions from now on so its gonna be DAMN good.. More news and stories about the group and recordings will be updated soon..

29th NOVEMBER... The day i became someone's HUSBAND..

YUp.. 29th november was the day i got hitched! Details and more pictures will be uploaded soon..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Messy affair...

Hey... i dont know when is my next post coz i'm pretty tied up with work n all. Its the 31st of oct.. i get married in 29days. My hantaran is done, just fara's now. Johor is my next jam spot, i'm gonna be there and back 4 a bit. Got 3 events going on there. Not sure where will i be during x'mas and new years eve also. My sister Leia who is in perth, is already buying presents! Its my first Xmas with fara so, its gotta be speacial.. With the shit load of work, i hope i can make it a good n memorable one 4 us..

I will be back as soon as i can.. My next post? Not sure when....

Monday, October 27, 2008


Hi... i am Muhammad GREG bin Soliano, an ex pesakit of anger management class 101 year 2003..

My life is simple, very simple. Work, work, work n work. Or busy, busy, busy n more busy! i work, sleep, work sum more, eat n work even more..

Sekian terima kasih..

Yup, dats all.. No time for many2 things. I missed so many shows, b'days n events. Sorry folks. Money isnt everything but money keeps u alive in dis world so hustle3. I'm getting married next month [a month from now] doing my first single recording n i am moving hse too.. I think i have mentioned all dis so many times in my blog, dat i'm sure no one will forget. Will i manage to stay in one piece? hehe.. god knows.

I hope people will learn to understand the nature of my life/job. My absents is based truly on my work. Please be matured when i dont turn up for parties n so on. I still sms and call, dont i?

Will be in jb very often dis next two months.. Even on my nikah, dat same evening or nite i'm leaving for jb again for work. It sux but when u already sign black n white, there's no turning back.. I dont want trouble with lawyers n all.

My sister leia's orientation 4 school in perth is next month n YES! i cant make it! Dat sux, coz she n me being close. She understands thankfully. Love u L'...

I'd like to thank my future wife fara 4 being such a great pillar of strenght. She has been very supportive of me n my career/work. But i know at time's u feel neglacted, and there are time's where we dont see each other long enuff to hug. I'm sorry baby.. I agreed to do all dis events b4 i met u or arranged the marriage. Its not blocking but its just tight. Dont worry, i wont let anything get in the way of our big day.

Mum, uncle man n the kids... Thank u guys too.

And last but not least...i'd like to thank NESCAFE for keeping me awake all these years!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dont ASSume! U should KNOW! @rtist msia....

Being in the entertainment bizness, along the way u will meet stuck up's, diva's and sometime's VERY nice artists.. I've had my fair share of meeting all the above... From my time with tower records n doing events, i have meet big n small acts...Linkin park, alanis morisette, ahmad dhani of dewa, michael bubble, click5, richie ren(hongkong)/kenny B (taiwan)/ dj roger sanchez(usa)/ LMF (hongkong)/
Sheila on7, PeterPan, jericho rosales (phillipines) TooPhat n many more...

Some local artists are my good frenz... Like andy flop poppy whom i know for a very long time even since bfore flop poppy. I still remember Andy playing bass for a hardcore group called spiral kinetic circus.. Rambut pendek n always pakai snow cap! hehe...
Jackyl victor pulak, bfore bcoming idol she was in a club band with my dad called THE JJETS.. Know her since i was 18 or 19.. She is really a success story, very humble n now look at her! Other artists whom i know bfore their fame are ariana of couple, hanafi of estranged, trix/sayla of dose2, Zahid af2, Vanessa of gruv avenue...

Working wit tower records, i met so many like anuar zain who is the most down to earth artists... REshmonu, point blanc, dj t-bone, Zain n azan ruffedge, noryn aziz, yogi b of poetic ammo...

But some are so so STUCK UP...... Diva's mostly! Aint gonna waste my time naming them..

Greganitemusick presentZ......

Ladies n gents... i present to u FReaKs&FLoWeRs..

-Kemalion vocals.
-BeE rap.
-EiRa vocals.
-Ayoi rap.vocals.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Going BACK2theSTUDiO part1

Good news! Freaks&flowers are heading back to the studio... Minus akmal (who is taking a break) we are gonna do the track 'party time"...which is as always produced entirely by me.. Akmal's absence will be filled by Eira, who has JUST joined the group.. The lyrics are currently being done by yrs truly, the chorus however is written by akmal but sung by eira. Party time would be our 2nd attempt as a group at recording. 'Lets dance" was recorded earlier dis year but nuthing came out CIVILED! At dat time we lost a group member( goodbye scarz!), we changed our group name(we were known as MiLK) and took a break at sum point (nearly 6months).. The freaks are aiming for a solid 1st single and a music video to go with it. Honestly, dis would be my LAST try with a group! If dis doesnt work out, i'm going solo.. Or i'll just abandon the group first and DO MY OWN ALBUM! Stay tuned...

NoVeMBeR RaiN...

Ok, let me see... November. Its gonna be a very hectic time 4 me.. Getting married on the 29th, moving to a new house in that same week n heading to the studio to do the track "party time' with freaks&flowers! Crazy or wat? well, dats my life 4 u! Dis is my life, wen it come's near to the end of the year, every year!..
My marriage arrangement is under control so far. The moving part..well, not done packing yet.. As for the recording, i'm BUZY as hell.. Doing the production side, the lyrics, keeping the group as one (luckily 4 me, my mates are all matured enuff!) 30days n all dis is going to happen! DAMN! But dont get me wrong, i'm pleased wit all dat i have... Syukur alhamdullilah..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The latest on the music forefront...

First week of october... Freaks&flowers receives a low note! Lead vocalist akmal has informed the group that she has personal issues that she wants to settle, which leaves the group on their own for awhile.. I as the group leader have accepted the scenario..which leaves me and bee to fend for ourselves til akmal returns. In this time, i have also decided to venture into an idea which i have played with, for the last couple of months.. The idea being the adding of two new members to the foray.. Both members are talented and can bring something new to the team.. So, with this being said... I'd like to welcome Eira & ayoi to the team...

The next plan is to record a single... With akmal away and ayoi busy with spm... The 3 remaining members will lay it down.. Trust me, with the full line up... Freaks&flowers will be a force to be reckoned with...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My 1st raya as a muslim..

As the title says.. its my 1st raya as a muslim. Didnt do much. Only went to beraya at uncle man's mum's house in rembau. Its a kampung so the feeling is very real. It is also my 1st raya with fara, so it was rather special. But i got sick after we got back to KL. I had high fever for 2 days, flu, sore throat and aches all over the body.. I'm still sick now actually! Getting better but slowly, still weak... Nothing much to say about raya coz i didnt do much.. X'mas will be better for sure..

Thursday, October 2, 2008


The first official release by greganitemusick...mixtape style
ALL songs produced by me..For futher info, check this blog

EndtroDUCTion first words at my blog. Sorry never done dis before. To start this, i'm gonna go a bit leftfield and do sumtin' others might not do.. PerSoNaLLy, i feel its best to do a shout out first.. A shout out to ALL the important people in my sumwat 'ODDinary' life...

I 'THANK YOU" all dearly and so much for the endless love and support..

And they are...
My MUM, UnCLe Man, my RADICAL sibLings (L, Erin and IdELLe) my very few loYaL friends (my twin BEE and Akmal especially) and last but not least the 'BEST' thing that has ever happened to me..
My fiance soon to be WiFe.. FaRa