Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NoVeMBeR RaiN...

Ok, let me see... November. Its gonna be a very hectic time 4 me.. Getting married on the 29th, moving to a new house in that same week n heading to the studio to do the track "party time' with freaks&flowers! Crazy or wat? well, dats my life 4 u! Dis is my life, wen it come's near to the end of the year, every year!..
My marriage arrangement is under control so far. The moving part..well, not done packing yet.. As for the recording, i'm BUZY as hell.. Doing the production side, the lyrics, keeping the group as one (luckily 4 me, my mates are all matured enuff!) 30days n all dis is going to happen! DAMN! But dont get me wrong, i'm pleased wit all dat i have... Syukur alhamdullilah..

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fara soliano said...

please take care of ur health ok baby?? =)