Friday, March 20, 2009

I woke up...

I see things dat i know dont belong n shouldnt be... Its very clear but i cant say it out loud. I talk to my wife but thats it. There r things i shud do, and i am building courage to do it slowly. Certain people have dissapointed me in a certain way. At first i didnt feel or think dis way coz i respected them so much dat i was blindsighted. In soon time, they will come to realize dat i wasnt n am not blind.

New beginning...

Been so busy lately dat i didnt have time to update my blog... It's been awhile.

Well...i've joined EASTERN RECORDS/RockCOrneR. It's way better than tower. I reunited with a few of my frenz like Pushen, Eugene, Bob n ZuL. Thanx Pushen for recommending me!

I've got a good team in our new outlet.. I got Jun as my superior, Stephen as the assistant n sharil. A small yet unique team.

Family is doing fine. My 2 younger siblings are in skool. L is doing ok in perth.

Yes, my wife is pregnant.. 5months now. We are happy.

Life couldnt be better. It looks good so far. Thank god.