Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2 0 0 9 and counting...

I got it all on tape...

I will entertain those dat needs to be entertained...period!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snake. Fake.Two face.

Well, the title says it all. In malay, they say 'TALAM DUA MUKA"..

I am one person that is so hard to put up a fake face or front.. I hate people dat do.
So called family, has done it and i hate it.. They still are.

Go to church but have that kind of mentality.. For me, whats the point? Claim to love you but stabs u whenever u have yr back turned..

I aint worried to lose those family members, coz i rather not have any..

If they sell pistols here in malaysia, i'd buy and use it on them.. SERIOUS! I"m hell headed anyway so fuck it..

And the line ' MERAPATKAN SILATUL RAHIM" is BULLSHIT in my situation! Why would i want my wife to get close to some idiot whose is trying to advise her about life?? Mind your own bizness... Oh by the way, salam perempuan di dalam surau salah tau tak!!! U are no one to say or even comment..

Feel free to comment if you are putting food on the table for my family!!! But u AINT!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A fucking joke...


Its been a week that i have been married.. I'm happy. But unfortunately some fools just cant mind their own bizness!

Calling my wife to give so called advise n shit, preaching religion n acting like the parent! And he's only the uncle, n not even by blood.. Shit..

First he sindir me n my family at the mosque minutes b4 my nikah n then now he does dis.. Wow.. He sure got balls to do dat..

My father in law doesnt even do dis..

My absence is due to work... If u got so much to complain, put food on the table 4 me, my wife n my family....

Dont ungkit dat u took care of my wife when she was a kid... U did it secara ikhlas, and cara islam bukan sebegini..

Did u people ever think dat bcoz of u guys, our marriage would be in jeopardy?

Dont preach about islam... U salam my mum in the mosque!!!! itu dah salah kalau u betul2 nak ikut!

U have a degree or diploma means ZERO if commonsense pun tak ada!!

Cara islam....mmmm, kalau nak ikut cara islam SAYA SUAMI! So, what ever i say GOES!

haha... U have made a fool out of yrself!

So silly and so stupid...

My wife has the freedom to decide, bcoz i want it to be dat way..

She deserves the rights to think and choose...

I would never stop her from seeing her DAD...

U dont know me, and u dont need to!

I dont have to meet any of you bcoz u are not important!!!!!

Her dad gave me his blessings and dat is more than enuff...

*if u cant handle my words, dont read my blog!!!*

Thursday, December 4, 2008


My job, my wedding, my recordings and moving house! Its CRAZY! To all my newly acquinted in laws, so sorry but my wife n me aint got time to visit.. My life is too messed up. I got more important stuff to worry about... Thanx 4 the understanding..

At the studio again...

A week b4 my nikah, i was busy in the studio working on a new song.. It went well, ira fitted in very well. Akmal was missed but will be back for the next track.. The song we recorded gathered many good reviews n bad one's too. But being in the music industry we have to accept wat ever.. Adam is handling our recording sessions from now on so its gonna be DAMN good.. More news and stories about the group and recordings will be updated soon..

29th NOVEMBER... The day i became someone's HUSBAND..

YUp.. 29th november was the day i got hitched! Details and more pictures will be uploaded soon..