Monday, October 27, 2008


Hi... i am Muhammad GREG bin Soliano, an ex pesakit of anger management class 101 year 2003..

My life is simple, very simple. Work, work, work n work. Or busy, busy, busy n more busy! i work, sleep, work sum more, eat n work even more..

Sekian terima kasih..

Yup, dats all.. No time for many2 things. I missed so many shows, b'days n events. Sorry folks. Money isnt everything but money keeps u alive in dis world so hustle3. I'm getting married next month [a month from now] doing my first single recording n i am moving hse too.. I think i have mentioned all dis so many times in my blog, dat i'm sure no one will forget. Will i manage to stay in one piece? hehe.. god knows.

I hope people will learn to understand the nature of my life/job. My absents is based truly on my work. Please be matured when i dont turn up for parties n so on. I still sms and call, dont i?

Will be in jb very often dis next two months.. Even on my nikah, dat same evening or nite i'm leaving for jb again for work. It sux but when u already sign black n white, there's no turning back.. I dont want trouble with lawyers n all.

My sister leia's orientation 4 school in perth is next month n YES! i cant make it! Dat sux, coz she n me being close. She understands thankfully. Love u L'...

I'd like to thank my future wife fara 4 being such a great pillar of strenght. She has been very supportive of me n my career/work. But i know at time's u feel neglacted, and there are time's where we dont see each other long enuff to hug. I'm sorry baby.. I agreed to do all dis events b4 i met u or arranged the marriage. Its not blocking but its just tight. Dont worry, i wont let anything get in the way of our big day.

Mum, uncle man n the kids... Thank u guys too.

And last but not least...i'd like to thank NESCAFE for keeping me awake all these years!

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fara soliano said...

syg,i understand ur situation.. i will be there.. even u always bz ngn keje n tak sempat hug me bile jmpe.. =(( n i pon bz with my work.. =)) but what to do.. its for our future also kan.. i always love u baby.. n not nescafe yg make u stay awake ok? its not gud for u..