Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Going BACK2theSTUDiO part1

Good news! Freaks&flowers are heading back to the studio... Minus akmal (who is taking a break) we are gonna do the track 'party time"...which is as always produced entirely by me.. Akmal's absence will be filled by Eira, who has JUST joined the group.. The lyrics are currently being done by yrs truly, the chorus however is written by akmal but sung by eira. Party time would be our 2nd attempt as a group at recording. 'Lets dance" was recorded earlier dis year but nuthing came out CIVILED! At dat time we lost a group member( goodbye scarz!), we changed our group name(we were known as MiLK) and took a break at sum point (nearly 6months).. The freaks are aiming for a solid 1st single and a music video to go with it. Honestly, dis would be my LAST try with a group! If dis doesnt work out, i'm going solo.. Or i'll just abandon the group first and DO MY OWN ALBUM! Stay tuned...

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