Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snake. Fake.Two face.

Well, the title says it all. In malay, they say 'TALAM DUA MUKA"..

I am one person that is so hard to put up a fake face or front.. I hate people dat do.
So called family, has done it and i hate it.. They still are.

Go to church but have that kind of mentality.. For me, whats the point? Claim to love you but stabs u whenever u have yr back turned..

I aint worried to lose those family members, coz i rather not have any..

If they sell pistols here in malaysia, i'd buy and use it on them.. SERIOUS! I"m hell headed anyway so fuck it..

And the line ' MERAPATKAN SILATUL RAHIM" is BULLSHIT in my situation! Why would i want my wife to get close to some idiot whose is trying to advise her about life?? Mind your own bizness... Oh by the way, salam perempuan di dalam surau salah tau tak!!! U are no one to say or even comment..

Feel free to comment if you are putting food on the table for my family!!! But u AINT!

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