Monday, September 28, 2009

Whats NEXT?

Life is so... well, how can i say it... UNPREDICTABLE.

Due is respect. but it doesnt get it.

Money changes people so rapidly but no one takes notice.

Love conquers all but is it enuff to put things right?

There are things that we must do but nowadays i'm very against it for the fact that i've got other things to worry about.

I'm troubled by many, many, many things that are caused by others which indirectly effects me..

Why cant solve the your money problems by just getting a job, a proper job...
(thats my message to a certain someone that holds a position of head of the the table)

Your connections will not get you far, age is catching up n the problems aint gonna solve themselves...

Being a waiter is better than NOTHING...

Check yourself....

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